786S - Headlamp unit - 5-3/4" (pair)

Pair of small free standing headlamp unit with single mounting stem bolt, metal bucket back, all chrome, approx 150mm overall diameter. a solid and robust unit which has various applications. Fitted with 5 3/4" Round Domed Headlight lens, with or without sidelights. These lenses feature standard H4 P43T fitting and can be fitted with 6V, 12V or 24V bulbs. No bulb included,  Either browse the Bulb category for your preferred H4 bulb, or select one of our most popular options from the ‘drop down’ box below – part numbers B910B (6V Halogen), B472 (12V Halogen), B475 (24V Halogen), H4-150 (12V Halogen upgrade bulbs with up to 150% more light), P43TLED-H43L (6, 12 and 24V, positive and negative earth with integral lens) Classic White LED with projector lens, P43TLED-PP43 (12 and 24V,negative earth) Classic White LED – with Heat Sink cooling, P43TLED-PP60 (12 and 24V Negative Earth) Bright White LED – with Mini Fan cooling. ALL left hand drive units have a pilot (NO option of no pilot) Side light bulb options B117B (6V Capless), B501 (12V capless) B117LEDW-A  (6, 12 and 24V, positive and negative earth).