CA1164-F - Montaut Prints Large set of 4 (Framed)

We have superb Montaut motoring theme reprints which are exclusive to Complete Automobilist.
These were commissioned from originals some years ago, and offer a superb glimpse of Edwardian style motoring art. These prints are fabulous in that they show all the early essence of speed. Close study reveals the artists talent for pictorial detail. These are framed, ready to hang and are all the same size 889mm x 445mm. The set of prints is 4 different Montaut prints. please select which four prints you would like from the six listed.
1 - Targa Florio
2 - Peugeot (stars & stripes)
3 - L'Aquila Italiana
4 - Grand Prix
5 - Gamy
6 - Coupe des Voiturettes

Enter selection using above numbers i.e. 1, 3, 5, 6,

    Set of 4 Montaut motoring prints £275 including mailing