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Horn Bulbs

Rubber and Sponge Parts - Horn Bulb Help

Most of the rubber horn bulbs can have the open end enlarged out using a rough round file.
Items 617, 618 and CA762 These have a removable rubber plug in the end under the ferrule to aid adjustment and fitting. To fit - remove brass end ferrule and push onto the horn tube, remove the end plug and push this on to the tube (easing with washing up liquid helps), then push the round bulb on to the plug, which locates into a moulded ring. Finally, pull the brass ferrule back into place over both parts of the rubber bulb and the part should fit snugly.

Product Image

774 - Rubber horn bulb - Small, 70mm diameter

From £19.93 (£23.92 inc. VAT @ 20%)

Small size, black rubber horn bulb, 70mm diameter, brass ferrule, 16mm hole. Particularly suitable for motorcyle horns.

Product Image

617 - Rubber horn bulb - Medium, 90mm diameter

From £25.04 (£30.05 inc. VAT @ 20%)

Medium sized black rubber horn bulb, 90mm diameter. Supplied with a brass ferrule and a 15mm hole which can be enlarged easily if too small using a rough round file. It has a removable rubber plug...

Product Image

CA762 - Rubber horn bulb - Medium, 93mm diameter, with long neck

From £26.32 (£31.58 inc. VAT @ 20%)

Black rubber horn bulb approximately 93mm in diameter with a 16mm diameter hole through the brass ferrule. This horn bulb has a longer neck than part number 617. This rubber horn bulb can have the...

Product Image

618 - Rubber horn bulb - Large, 115mm diameter

From £34.57 (£41.48 inc. VAT @ 20%)

Large sized, ribbed black rubber horn bulb 115mm diameter with brass ferrule and 15mm horn tube hole. This rubber horn bulb can have the end opened out if too small using a rough round file. It...