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Frequently Asked Questions


Inch and Millimetre
we show most measurements in mm (millimetres) of which 10 = a cm (centimetre) and 1000 = a metre conversion to imperial dimension of inches means dividing this by 25.4 - to give the dimension in inch.
Engineering terms of thou and small dimensions
the dimensions used in general engineering get to imperial dimension of thou. this is one thousanth's of one inch. bearing in mind that the engines that we are supplying parts for all have imperial specified dimensions, we use this standard term when specifying engine parts. thus oversize or undersize measure of 0.010" (10 thou) = 0.254mm, 0.020" (20 thou) = 0.508mm, 0.030" (30 thou) = 0.762mm, 0.040" (40 thou) = 1.016mm, 0.050" (50 thou) = 1.270mm, 0.060" (60 thou) = 1.524mm, all measured from 'standard' original size.
How do I place an order
add things to your shopping cart and then click the checkout link. the entire site is secured with 256 bit encryption to ensure your personal and credit card details are protected.

Website Help

How much will the postage cost
we are very aware that we are actually spending your money with additional carriage charges and we endeavour to send the parts the most cost effective means. the web pages show a price guide for some despatch costs split into some weight groups. we have not been able to cost individual parts for total cartage cost due to the inevitable mix of order parts, where large and heavy items will not really mix very will with smaller breakable parts. we do presume that most users will have some idea of the size and nominal weight of the parts which they seek to buy from us. enquiries for cost of part and post can not really be calculated to the exact amount until packed, so any such reply from us can only serve as a guide. as to the cost of the parts - the GBP Sterling price on the web page is always the cost which will be charged.
Is the part available from stock
the web pages show no quantity of product available. the 0 quantity is always shown as this is where you enter the quantity of the part which you require. it can be assumed that if the part is shown on the web pages it will be available from normal stock. please note that certain items are obviously made to specific order (number plates, shock absorbers, leather bonnet strap etc) and such items would be available within the time specified on the web pages.

Payments and Card Payments

How much will my card be charged in local currency
we can only offer a guide to this, the actual money exchange rate is governed by world financial markets, and we only offer a guide exchange rate on the web pages. the price in GBP Sterling is always correct as this is what the payment card will be charged, there are many web pages available for you to check local currency exchange rates.
Do we process on PayPal
we do process payments against PayPal, however their fees are considerably higher than the Visa, Mastercard and Maestro and we pass on a small % cost surcharge. place your order and request a quote total against PayPal - we will then add any carriage cost etc and send the total back to you for payment. we do not process on Diners or Amex either due to their terms and conditions and fees.


Do we release your email address to others
no - we do not - we treat your data records with great respect and only use it for legitimate business purposes. we gain no benefit is possibly passing your details on to any other third party, unless we are so instructed by law or government body with necessary authority, this also covers our treatment of any personal records that you submit to us.