288A - Rear lamp equivalent to Lucas L582 model with glass prismatic lens

Early pattern cylindrical rear lamp equivalent to Lucas type 582. With side number plate illumination in stop and tail lamp configuration, when fitted with a red glass prismatic lens. Without side number plate illumination in indicator configuration, when fitted with an amber glass lens. Screw on metal rim. 45mm diameter x 93mm overall, body 42mm diameter. BA15D double contact equal pin bulb holder. Mounts through a 20mm panel hole. Offered in black or nickel or chrome plated finish. For spare stop and tail bulbs please see B381 (12V) and B383 (6V), or LED equivalents designed for these lamps CSTLEDWWR-6 and CSTLEDWWR-12. For spare indicator bulbs please see our B319 (6v) or B335 (12V).