427-5 - Leather wheel strap - three legged

Leather spare wheel or bonnet strap with ring centre, which we make to order(normally takes 10/14 days) to specific measurements using quality brown or black leather, widths available 31mm or 38mm or 51mm. this pattern made as two part strap, buckle on the main strap or on the tie strap, footman staples at ends. When ordering belts :- Please email a drawing to us for costing advising dimensions shown on the image- email :- info@vintagesupplies.com Normally we provide plated fittings, belts can be made will your original fitting if required, no holes are punched into the plain strapping, supplied with one fixed keeper and one sliding keeper near buckle. Please provide separate measurements, note that the maximum length piece of any leather strap is 140cm without a join, for straps A,B,C,D & E please note that dimension C should be the joined up length of strap, allow enough length on straps A and B for the strap to pass through the buckle and be fastened. please note that the price shown in the cost box is only a 'from' cost. we will advise actual price of the item listed before we actually process the order PLEASE NOTE, THE BONNET STRAP PICTURED IS AN ILLUSTRATION OF BELT TYPE ONLY, THEY ARE SUPPLIED IN DARK BROWN OR BLACK.

would customers note that we are restricted in length of leather straps by the size of the cow hide. the maximum length of any piece of leather is 1400mm please. any longer and it is necessary to make a stitched join.