506M - Andre Hartford shock absorber - Model 506M

Suitable for the medium size vehicle of approx 2000kg or competition vehicles. Enamel finish, ready to fit. Two blades into three blades at friction end 4.1/2" (102mm) diameter, minimum arm (blade) length 4.1/2", maximum length 10". Andre Hartford shock absorbers are made to specific order against specified arm lengths requested. Please note that the price shown is for standard equal length arm units only. Additional charges apply for unequal length arms and 1/2" measurements:

Arm lengths measured in half inches, both same lengths - £9 extra
Arm lengths measured in full inches, but different lengths - £9 extra
Arm lengths measured in 1/2 inches and different lengths - £18.00 extra

For post and packaging calculations allow a weight of approx 2.10kg per unit before any packaging weight. Normal lead time before despatch is about 6/8 weeks. Occasionally we do have some units already assembled and ready on the shelf - contact us prior to ordering.