932 - Indicator Lamp

Small lamp of modern manufacture particularly suitable for flashing indicator use. Chrome plated body with amber lens. Body approximately 58mm diameter x 70mm long. Single mounting stud. Uses a BA15s bulb, for spare bulbs please see our B307 (6v) or B309 (12v).

Thread M8 x 1.25 pitch

Fitting Instructions

please note that a 15 watt bulb will fit this unit without touching the amber plastic lens. a 21 watt bulb has a larger glass globe envelope and can be very near to the amber plastic. this normally causes no problems when just left/right indicator is required due to limited use and thus inside heat build up. however if hazzard flash lights are required this could melt the amber plastic lens. note that most cylinder type flasher units require 42 watt loading. considder our mechanical flash switch part 414 which is not wattage dependent.