ALT-12 - Lucas 'Altette' horn with chrome rim - without mounting bracket

Lucas 'Altette' horn with chrome rim. A high quality reproduction from Lucas Classic of the of the original Lucas HF1234B horn. 12 volt. Many applications include MG TA, TB & TC etc. For flat mounting brackets designed to fit the mounting studs on the back of this horn please see part numbers ALTB1 (one mounting hole on tab) and ALTB2 (two mounting holes on tab). For an Altette horn pre-fitted with a curved mounting bracket, please see part number ALT-12BL.

115mm maximum rim diameter, 69mm diameter black front centre section. Rim fitted with 6 coned, hexagonal chrome nuts 11mm deep and 9.5mm across flats. Domed hexagonal centre nut, 15mm deep, 18mm across flats. 77mm max horn depth. Two brass electrical terminal connections with slotted screws on rear. Two threaded studs at 102mm centres for mounting bracket, complete with nuts.