CA1177 - Divers Helmet Rear Light - (pair) similar to the old CAV, Rotax and Lucas models.

Diver's helmet tail lamp. 52mm lens diam (all) and overall diameter about 90mm. Similar to the old CAV, Rotax and Lucas models. Sold in pairs, these superb lamps are available in either polished brass, bright nickel or chrome finish.

Double contact equal pin BA15D bulb holder and plug in base - for spare bulbs please see our B383 (6v) or B381 (12v) for stop/tail version, B318 (6v) or B335 (12v) for indicators.

We offer these lamps each fitted with either two red and one clear glass for stop/tail and number plate light OR alternatively with three amber lens for indicator. Please specify the configuration you require.

Fitted with brass, chrome or nickel on brass 'Toby' medallion, as applied to our finest early lamp and mirror recreations. 'Toby Mitchell - London NW1' is the mark Vintage Supplies has applied to its authentic reproductions of selected early CAV and Lucas pattern lamps and mirrors for over 30 years, continuing the manufacture and development of John Mitchell high quality 'Toby' branded product range.