CA1249C-LED - Round rear lamp LED (equivalent to the Lucas ST38/'Pork Pie') with INDICATOR conversion - Chrome with Number Plate window - FITTED LED LIGHT BOARD

Chrome ST38 'Pork Pie' type lamp with standard (three BA15S) bulb holder arrangement, fitted with a LED light board and split Red/Amber lens for Stop, Tail, INDICATOR Number Plate illumination operation. Suitable for 6 or 12V, Negative Earth vehicles.

The product features a main, circular RED and AMBER light board with a centre slot that fits over/locates on the vertical partition of the triple bulb holder bolted into the ST38 body. An additional WHITE LED light board is attached perpendicular to the main board to provide number plate illumination.

The board is fitted with three BA15S bulb base connectors on 10cm connecting wires. One connection illuminates the Tail light (first brightness RED) and the Number Plate light (WHITE). The second connection illuminates the Stop light (second brightness RED). The third connection illuminates the AMBER indication/turn signal LEDs.

The LED board has a very low power requirement and provides great all over lens lighting from 30 RED LEDs and 24 AMBER LEDs, with the fast response time/illumination under braking characteristic of LEDs - plus a good distinction between STOP and TAIL brightness's. Fully assembled and ready to fit. Please note that the indicator function requires use of an electronic flasher unit e.g.12V LEDFLASH3

Fitted with chrome on brass 'Toby' medallion, as applied to our finest early lamp and mirror recreations. 'Toby Mitchell - London NW1' is the mark Vintage Supplies has applied to its authentic reproductions of selected early CAV and Lucas pattern lamps and mirrors for over 30 years, continuing the manufacture and development of John Mitchell high quality 'Toby' branded product range.