LEDFLASH3 - LED Flasher Relay - 3 pin plus Earth lead

High performance LED flasher unit/relay designed for vintage and classic applications including different types of bulb/LED. 3 pin with Earth wire. A very flexible flasher unit that is ideal for use on vehicles that are changed in full or part to LED stop/tail lights and or indicator/turn signals. In testing these units deliver consistant flashing at the correct rate, whether installed in a circuit with all incandescent bulbs, all LED bulbs, a mix of incandescent and LED bulbs, a mix of incandescent bulbs and LED panels or a mix of LED bulbs and LED panels!

Available for 6V, 12V, Negative or Positive Earth systems to cover all applications. Please select the version you require. A great solution when upgrading to LED funcionality on most classic or modern cars and motor cycles. X, L, P and Earth wire (which must be connected) terminals. X Live (49), L Load (indicator switch, 49a), P Pilot/warning light.