CA429 - fuel slide gauge

New fuel tank slde type sender gauge. this is the pattern offered by Rotherhams of Coventry for many years fitting into the top of the fuel tank. a deeper float is fitted which works in the modern fuels! the float travels on a spiral directly connected to the needle which turns through 180 degree, marked empty 1/4 1/2 3/4 full, silver dial with black figures. all brass construction, which are made to order. please indicate the length required from the face of the tank flange to the tank depth (minimum length about 20cm - maximum length 70cm).

we can offer two flange variations, hexagonal flange - measures 60mm across flats hexagonal, is threaded under 2" x 16tpi. OR circular flange - measures 63mm diameter, with 3 drilled screw fixing holes 48mm centres .
the base for the slide rods measures 44.5mm dianeter.

please allow for a long delivery - due to the fact that these are made to order - delivery can extend to 8 or 12 weeks. gauges made longer than 500mm deep will be subject to an additional cost to that stated.

Fitting Instructions

ca429 circular tank unit template