CSILEDW - White & Amber 6V & 12V LED Combined Side & Indicator lamp - SBC BA15D fitting

BA15D fitting. Combined WHITE and AMBER multi-direction, sidelight and indicator bulb. Accepts 6V and 12V input voltages with BA15D base. 12 super bright LEDs with an integral lens. Bright white light for sidelight function, changing to very bright AMBER for indication. This bulb should function normally with your existing flasher unit, in the unlikely event of LED 'Hyper flash' an electronic flasher relay will be required of the correct polarity for your vehicle (also pin configuration, to suit your current wiring arrangement). Compatible with either negative or positive earth systems. Very low current draw - over 75% less than incandescent and halogen bulbs so great for low-powered electrical systems. 6000K bright, white colour temperature for sidelight, bright amber for the indicator. Very flexible application. A great compact and bright solution for easily converting classic sidelights to sidelight/indicator functionality. 18mm maximum diameter, 48mm total bulb height. For a warm white version of this LED lamp please see CSILEDWW. For Offset pin BAY15D base versions please see CSILEDWY and CSILEDWWY. 

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