L215 - Flat glass lens with diffused pattern - 4mm thick and 9 1/4" diameter, for L165 etc.

Flat, stippled pattern glass lens, very similar to the original Lucas 'Difusa' type glass used on early headlamps. Stippled pattern on one side as original. Equivalent to Lucas part number L215. 9 1/4" diameter. Hand finished edge. Suitable for Lucas type lamps L165, LD166, LBD163/1, LBD166, LBD163, LBP163S, LBD165S, LBD166S, LBD168, L163S, RD170S

This flat glass lens fits best into rims with a return/lip on the front rim aperture - a 5mm diameter sponge cord (part number SRCf) then locates inside the lip and creates a seal when the lens is pressed down onto the lip by the headlamp wires (part number 642).