MT211 - Rear motorcycle lamp - equivalent to Lucas MT211 model

A useful rear lamp and good reproduction of the Lucas MT211 model used on motorcycles, though offering other useful applications as additional number plate illumination etc. The prismatic red lens (25mm diameter) has a chrome rim, the black metal body (30mm diameter) has side number plate illumination. Double contact bulb holder - so stop/tail bulb compatible. The mounting flange (approx 65mm diameter) has three holes for fixing. It is designed so that the rear portion of lamp, including rubber boot, protrudes behind mounting flange by 37mm. The bulbholder is accessed by twisting off the rear flange body. Fitted with a 12 volt double contact offset pin BAY15D base 21/5 Watt small globe double filament bulb. For spare bulbs please see our B3214B/B3214-off (6v) or B3212B/B3212-off (12v). Wired with bullet terminals. Other equivalent Lucas part number 53056.