NPBR - Vehicle number plate - cast only

Early style cast aluminium number plate with rounded or square corners available till the mid 30's. Solid cast unit with 3.1/2" (88mm) tall characters (max 6 per plate). Supplied in unfinished cast state which need finishing and painting. Choose oblong nominal 21" x 5" (532mm x 127mm) or square 11" x 9" (280mm x 228mm) for ABC 234 format, or 14" x 9" (355mm x 228mm) for AB 2345 format. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.
please refer to product 'help' at beginning of number plate section for document requirement at time of order to comply to the Vehicle (Crime) act 2001 supply of number plate regulations.

Fitting instructions

Number Plate Regulation Restrictions

With effect from 1st January 2003 new regulations come into force governing the supply of number plates for vehicles.
We are a registered supplier of number plates and are legally required to substantiate and record registration details.
Orders will only be accepted when accompanied by copies of a) an identity document and b) an entitlement document.
Current PHOTOCARD Driving Licence
A current utility bill TOGETHER WITH
Your Current paper Licence.
V5C Registration Document.

We will accept Internet orders for number plates but can only process them on receipt of copies (scanned, PDF's or photocopies) by email or post of the Identity and Entitlement Documents.
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