PL700LHD-HAL - PL700 Tripod design light unit LHD (PAIR) - Halogen PL 'Shield' badge

PAIR of PL700 type light units. LHD 7" light unit with side lights. Reproduction PL700 type unit with tripod design featuring a Halogen PL 'Shield' badge - takes the popular H4 halogen bulb.

This is a high quality reproduction of the original PL700 reflector unit, like the original is not "E" marked. T10 WEDGE base side light bulb holder complete with 12V 5W bulb fitted as standard. LEFT HAND DRIVE.

These light units feature the standard H4 P43T fitting and can be fitted with 6V, 12V or 24V bulbs. See part numbers B910B, B472 and B475 for the most popular 6, 12 and 24V H4 bulbs. For side light bulbs see B501 (12V), B117B (6V) or B507 (24V).

For the full range of H4 bulbs available, please search the H4 P43t bulb base. Suitable for LED conversion on pre-1986 vehicles - H4 (and T10) LEDs are now available! - please search the LED Headlamps category for H4 P43T base options without integral lenses.