re-cork - clutch re-cork

We undertake the re-cork of clutch plates as fitted to Morris, MG, Wolseley, Railton, Hudson, BSA etc. We will only undertake the work on customer's own plate and usually offer a turn round despatch within 7 days.

Our work is dependent on the unit being in serviceable condition, we remove old cork pads, fit new, and face unit to thickness. Cost for this service is approximately £1.40 per cork, plus a standard charge of £25 for preparation and set up, but for an actual price please contact us. At additional cost we can attend to some straightening of the plate and also replacement of rivets and springs. If the central drive splines are too badly worn we would advise of this on receipt.

Any quoted price we offer of an unseen item will only cover the cost of the cork plug replacement. Please note that we do not offer this service to motorcycle plates. If in doubt please contact us.