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Body Fittings - Care & repair of locks, hinges and catches on vintage cars

Last Updated: 25th May 2023

How to repair and replace coach fittings on your vintage car

Body Fittings #1 - The repair and adjustment of vintage car door handles, locks, bonnet fasteners, door straps, vents and other bodywork fittings.

Headlamp alignment and focus for vintage and classic cars

Last Updated: 31st March 2023

How to adjust and aim your classic
& vintage car headlamps

Better Car Lighting series pt1. How to focus, aim and adjust free-standing and flush-mounted headlamps on pre-war and post-war cars.

Ignition parts for Vintage and Classic Lucas type Distributors

Last Updated: 25th May 2023

We stock a comprehensive range of ignition components for Lucas-type distributors, with 1000s of mainly British vehicle applications up to 1990. The complete range includes coils - with 6V and 12V, acorn and push-fit, standard and sports options; condensers – a wide selection with premium options from the Distributor Doctor range and exclusive products including recently remanufactured condenser plate, Lucas part number 409613, with many British car applications from 1939 to 1957; contact sets – over 30 types including high-quality sets manufactured in period style with original fibre heels; distributor caps – over 50 sorts, with difficult to find caps and premium options featuring high specification materials and brass inserts; rotor arms – over 30 kinds, with many premium options from the Distributor Doctor as well as newly remanufactured arms including original Lucas part numbers 404923, 403866 and 403865; brushes, bearings, bushes, driving dogs and cap clips – a comprehensive selection of service items necessary to properly rebuild your distributor, many remanufactured to their original specification in the UK.

To help you identify the correct parts for your distributor we have created the most complete ignition product search database available online. The search currently includes information on distributors and vehicle applications up to 1960, though in future will be expanded to include applications up to 1990. In each parts category, you can search by Lucas distributor number (marked on the distributor body), distributor type or vehicle Make, Model & Year, for original applications published by Lucas. When searching for a product e.g. a rotor arm, you will also be presented with the other ignition products used in the application that accompany the rotor arm. On occasion, there may be two options for a component suggested - where the distributor changed over the period of production. Please study the photographs of the parts and the item descriptions to confirm they match the parts you are seeking to replace. While every effort has been made to provide accurate search information, it is important to check all product information. If you require any assistance with your selection then please get in touch. Search Ignition parts

Boyce MotoMeters

Last Updated: 26th May 2023

Boyce MotoMeters back in stock

All sizes of Boyce MotoMeter (engine temperature gauge) are now back in stock. Available in brass, chrome and chrome wreath finish - please search part numbers 466BP, 466CP and 466CW for the smaller meter and 892B and 892C for the larger meter.

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Last Updated: 25th May 2023

Flexolite Oil Filter Products Flexolite

Since acquiring Flexolite - the oil filter adaptor and flexible hose specialist - last year, we have been working on a new website that offers a wide range of service items (including spark plugs, oil filters, fuel pump repair kits and ignition parts) as well as an expanded range of electrical accessories, tools and consumables. Please visit for further details and thank you for your support.

Counter Sales - Malvern

Last Updated: 26th May 2023


Please note that we have a product display and sales counter at our warehouse near Malvern, Worcestershire.
Open to customers Mon-Fri 9:00am-4:30pm.

If you are in the Midlands, or visiting the Three Counties Showground (we are just a few hundred metres away) call in to see us.
We are in the far corner of Merebrook Business Park, off Hanley Road, Malvern, WR13 6NP.

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Printed Catalogue

Last Updated: 25th May 2023

CATALOGUE - CATALOGUE FOR 2022 (ISSUE 33) OUT NOW! We know that many customers still prefer a hard-copy catalogue to complement the web pages.

Fully illustrated catalogue, over 76 pages of products to flick through at your leisure. A very handy addition to your workshop/coffee table! Regrettably, the production costs mean we must charge for these. This can be ordered online:

Click here to order a catalogue.

UK address - £3.50

EU address - £6.00

Other - £8.00

Click here for our contact details.

For current prices please refer to the website.