BA20LED-H30L - Warm White premium 6, 12 & 24V LED Headlamp with LENS - BOSCH BA20D base

Warm white premium high power LED lens lamp upgrade for Bosch type lamps with a double contact BA20D bulb base. Extremely flexible application - suitable for 6, 12 or 24V vehicles and compatible with either negative or positive earth systems (6 to 30V DC input, non-polarised). This version is 3000K classic warm white colour temperature - a version with a brighter/whiter colour temperature of 4300K is also available - see part number BA20LED-H43L.

This bulb is a great LED upgrade alternative to a large number of 6, 12 and 24V incandescent and halogen BA20D bulbs from 25/25W to 45/40. These bulbs include a lens that is designed to focus their own beam and produce super light output with a bright main beam and well defined level dipped beam. This lens makes reflector condition less critical. Please note though, that due to the lens, this bulb cannot be used with tripod type lamps or those with an internal 'Biflex' style reflector, as they distrupt the carefully designed beam pattern.

These bulbs draw approximately 75% less current than incandescent and halogen bulbs so are great for low powered vintage electrical systems. Instructions are provided for aligning and adjusting the level of the beam - please take care when doing this to avoid damaging the bulb. With a bulb length of 75mm these are slightly longer than standard BA20 Bosch type bulbs (at 71mm).