CA836-N - Rear lamp bracket (rear facing fitting) PAIR - Nickel plated brass, for diver's helmet

Pair of nickel plated, cast brass rear lamp brackets suitable for diver's helmet rear lamps and similar, requiring spade mounting. Oval mounting base, drilled with 8mm diameter holes at 45mm centres. 76mm tall x 31mm wide, mounting bar 80mm long with lamp spade parallel to base for fitting on the rear of a vehicle. Spade dimensions 30mm wide x 41mm tall x 5mm thick. Cast in brass then polished and nickel plated. Please note - these are sand castings, so cannot be plated to the same standard as bronze lost wax/investment castings and there will be some slight marks in places in the plating. A very nice mounting set for our nickel plated CA1177 part number series lamps.